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Welcome to Walnut AYSO Region 624


These requirements apply to all Coach, Team Manager, Referee, and Board Member volunteers in Region 624.
NOTE: Always use your LEGAL NAME when creating your account, submitting background checks, or completing training.

  • REGISTER ONLINE AS A VOLUNTEER (Seasonal/Annual):  Log into your account HERE.  Once logged in, click the VOLUNTEER tab at the left.  For Coaches or Team Managers, you will select the role from your player's division. For Referees, you will sign up under the "Referee Volunteers: Fall 2024-Spring 2025" program (if you don't see it, scroll down and click on "show all available opportunities"). Once you've selected your role, complete the registration form. If you are volunteering in multiple roles or in multiple divisions, you will need to complete the process for each role (i.e. if you're a ref and a coach; or if you're coaching two teams).
  • BACKGROUND CHECK (Annual):  NEW VOLUNTEERSAfter you register as a volunteer, you will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers to complete your background check on their website (you will be creating an account on their site). RETURNING VOLUNTEERS - Check the status of your background screening (it's called "Risk Status" and you'll find this on your volunteer page. If your background check shows as "expired" or is in the renewal period (you'll see a yellow caution symbol), check the box next to "Risk Status", then click "Renew & Update". There will be two pop up windows; confirm your information and then look for the email from Sterling Volunteers. Region 624 covers the cost to volunteers for their background checks. 
  • LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING (One time*): Fingerprinting requirements began in 2022 and only need to be done once (*unless there is a lapse of five years in volunteer service once completed). The Live Scan must be completed for AYSO; Live Scans for other organizations are not transferrable. Region 624 covers the cost to volunteers, if they use an approved vendor and receive a code from the Region PRIOR to making an appointment. 
  • SAFE HAVEN ONLINE COURSES (One time*):  All AYSO volunteers are required to take the Safe Haven, CDC Concussion, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest online courses. These classes are generally one-time only. See below how to access these courses online in AYSOU**
  • SAFESPORT (Annual component): New mandated training per the federal SafeSport Act. The full 90-minute course must be taken every three years (appox), with a refresher course taken on the years in between. To access the online course, log into your account HERE. Once logged in, click the VOLUNTEER tab at the left. Check the box next to SafeSport under your volunteer role, and click "renew and update"; you will see a pop up with a link. Follow the link to the SafeSport website where you will create an account. Be sure to use the same email as your AYSO account, please also be sure your name matches your AYSO account. If you are asked to pay, something isn't working right. You can stop and start this course. REFRESHERS - you may access the 30-min Refresher course using the steps above, or log directly into your account at, then go to 'my courses'.
  • COACH TRAINING: All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to be trained IN THE DIVISION THEY ARE COACHING (ie a coach who has 10U cert still needs the 6U Coach cert to coach that division). All Coach training will require an in-person component. Head coaches must also attend a mandatory meeting each season. See below how to access online Coach courses or to sign up for in-person training in AYSOU**
  • REFEREE CERTIFICATION: ALL referee certification will include an in-person training component. Referees must also attend a mandatory meeting each season. See below how to access online Referee courses or to sign up for in-person training in AYSOU**

To access online courses or sign up for an in-person training event in AYSOU, do the following:

  • Log into your account HERE. Once logged in, click the VOLUNTEER tab at the left, then the AYSOU button on your volunteer role card. You will be redirected to
  • AYSOU and automatically logged in.
  • Click on "TRAINING LIBRARY" for online courses - select the category for the course you need (i.e. SAFE HAVEN, COACHING, REFEREEING, etc.)
  • Click on "TRAINING EVENT" for in-person courses (use the calendar view and filter by zip code - be sure to de-select Region 624  filter to see classes in other regions)
  • Click on "MY TRAINING" to find courses that show they are in-progress or have been assigned
  • Click on "SKILLS PASSPORT" to see what courses and certifications you already hold


AYSO is a volunteer-run, non-profit soccer program.  Everyone from the National Board of Directors to the regional Board members, coaches, and referees are ALL volunteers.  AYSO's amazing volunteers donate their time and skills to create an affordable, enriching soccer program that is accessible to players of all ages and all skill levels.


There are a wide variety of volunteer roles available! Our Coach volunteers set the tone of the team, while our Referees keep our games safe, fair, and fun. Team managers keep the team organized and add some fun to the season. If you're more of the administrative type, Board positions vary from Treasurer to Division Coordinator.  

Click on the links below for more info on volunteer roles:


I signed up to volunteer, now what?

First, get real familiar with your "volunteer page". This is the page that shows your volunteer roles and status of some of your requirements. To access, log into Sports Connect and go to click on "volunteer" from the "my account" menu. 

ALL volunteers* in Region 624 must meet the following requirements:
  • Register as a volunteer in Sports Connect (My Account)
  • Background Check (Sterling Volunteers)
  • Fingerprinting/Live Scan (Complete at the Region's vendor location)
  • Safe Haven online training (all three) - Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (AYSOU)
  • SafeSport online training - taken on SafeSport's website (link accessible from your volunteer page)


  • Coaches - training at the specific division they are coaching (even if they have higher level training); must include an in-person component (AYSOU)
  • Referees - may include online training, but must also include an in-person component (AYSOU).
NOTE: Youth volunteers under the age of 18 are required to do all of the above, except for: background check, fingerprinting, and SafeSport.

*Volunteers: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Team Manager, Board Members

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